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Sanctuary Place

In the Christian Bible, in Mark 6:31, Jesus invites his disciples to come away with him to a quiet place. In the original language the word means “a deserted place."  He wasn’t referring to an actual desert, but to a place of retreat, a place where they could be alone with Him, without the crowds bearing down on them … a sanctuary.  What has been bearing down on you, in your life?  Maybe God is calling you to experience sanctuary.

Sanctuary Place was founded in 2011 and is a ministry located in Edmond, OK to provide a place where people can experience peace, renewal and healing, a place to find inspiration … to find God. At Sanctuary Place you can take advantage of various opportunities whether it be an individual retreat or a group retreat offering, time away from the hustle and bustle for creative renewal, to receive spiritual direction or experience vibroacoustic harp therapy. There is something here for you.  Please visit the Services page for more information about the offerings at Sanctuary Place.