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The Blog Page is usually where most folks go first, but I don’t write often enough to call this a “blog.” I write seasonally. That is, when the spirit moves me, or when I am in a particular season of life. This was my first post, and, mostly, what you will find here are my reflections on scripture from a mystic’s point of view. A journal, of sorts, of how God shows up for me when I read the Word. At other times, I may share how God shows up in my life, independent of an experience with the Word. Postings may come at regular intervals, or may be sporadic. There will be times during the liturgical year that posts are part of a series, such as during Advent or Lent. At other times, each entry will stand independently.

If you choose to follow the suggested meditations, I recommend that you set aside space, both physically and spiritually. Maybe it is something as simple as using the same chair each time, or more elaborate, such as setting up an altar or a sacred space in your home that is only used for prayer. I like to light a candle to signify God’s spirit and to create a separation, or pause, in my day. I recommend that you set an intention before your prayer, allowing yourself to name what you are seeking during this time. Move into it slowly. After your prayer, pause, give thanks, blow out the candle, take time to move back into the rhythm of your day.

Before diving in, it might be helpful for you to read about what being a Mystic means to me, and about my approach to reading the Bible. If some of the terminology seems awkward as you are reading, then maybe check out the Words and Meanings page. Then, come back … and dive in.

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