The Sea is Calling

Many of you know that I’m a trained spiritual director. Some of you may have no idea what spiritual direction is. I explain it more on this page. The image above, which I’ve used before on my Facebook page, and which I recently used to update my page, is a gift that “happened” to me while on a cruise. I looked up, and what you see in the image is what I saw. It reminded me of the “three chairs” we often associate with the practice of Spiritual Direction. (You can see a popular three-chair image on this page). In the above image, I saw the ocean as the third chair, the place for the divine, whom we welcome into our midst during spiritual direction sessions to be present with us, making our conversation holy.

We are headed out to sea again, next week, and the thought of being on that wide-open space reminded me of the above picture. In a recent class (lesson 1) I talked about how, in Genesis 1:2, the language speaking of God’s Spirit “hovering over the waters” was akin to mother-henning (used in a loving way) creation into being. All birthing and mothering is a beautiful, painful, messy, profound experience, whether it’s children, the world or our own souls, and requires the wet-muzzle nudges, warm-tongue licks, and tender watching that mother-spirit provides.

One of my favorite challenges on a cruise ship is to find solitary space among the thousands of passengers. I’m often blessed with quiet spaces all to myself, such as what happened to me when I stumbled upon the image above. The sea is calling my soul, and I long to go experience her. To what is your soul calling you?

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