A Blessing for Truth-Telling

This blessing is loosely based on Psalm 51

May the Lord grant you mercy and forget anything you have ever done wrong
May you feel clean and fresh, like sheets from the dryer or fresh off the clothesline
May you have the courage to speak your truth, even when it’s ugly
May truth-telling be a desire that wells up from the deepest parts of you,
exposing what you have been fearfully hiding
May the truth you speak bring joy and gladness and deep healing
May it renew your spirit within you, and be a steady support
May you always feel God’s presence and be filled with God’s spirit

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  1. I’ve learned to tell the raw truth to God in prayer, knowing that God already knew what I had to say. God’s response? You’re forgiven. Now forgive yourself and keep walking, skipping, and running. Yes.

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