We Interrupt this Study …

After nearly two months off for traveling, and a month finally getting settled back into a routine, we are nearly into Lent. Ash Wednesday begins this week. So, while I’d like to get back to the Psalms, it is time to interrupt these thoughts with a special study during Lent. We will take a break with Psalm 78. It is a “teaching psalm” (that’s what a “maschil” is). And what it teaches is the history of Israel. Which makes for a good segue, because, interestingly, I have decided that during Lent I’d like to review a bit of history. By “bit” I mean I plan to teach, over the next few weeks, a Sunday School class that will cover the entire Bible! Whew!! And, I will be sharing some things from that class on this blog. So, if you’d like a quick overview of the Bible, this may be a good way for you to spend the Lenten season.

There will, however, be a twist. I will be covering the Bible from a feminine perspective. Many of us think we know what the Bible is about, and we think we know the major stories. However, those stories are told by men, from their perspectives, and we often overlook the stories about women, or contemplate what a woman’s perspective might have been, had they told the stories. So, if you are up for a different way of looking at scripture, please join me.

As you prepare this study, you might ask/consider the following:

  1. Find your Bible! Dust it off! Open it up!
  2. Ask God to open up the eyes of your heart to seeing something fresh and new.
  3. Ask God to help you to fall in love all over again with the Word.
  4. Be willing to have an open mind, and to consider that there might be another interpretation that you have not considered.


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